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Extreme in the Mainstream:
Information Disorder, (Dis)engagement, & Digital (R)evolution

March 18-20, 2024

Thanks to everyone who joined us this year and made the conference a success! We are grateful. If you missed any of the events, you can check out our YouTube channel (or go to our events page) where you'll find many of the recordings. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments:

A conference
for Leaders & Critical Thinkers
in the Information & Technology Space

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Connexions is dedicated to developing informed and expert leadership for the networked information age. To that end, our annual conference targets thought leaders, practitioners, and critical thinkers who are at the frontlines of information warfare in the broadest sense of the term, be it in education, media, government, healthcare, or business. In our 2023 conference, we brought together academics, policymakers, and practitioners from around the globe to begin to unpack how media both impedes and enables the conduct of diplomacy and the communication of foreign policy to national and international audiences. For 2024, with wars and elections submerging international society deeper into chaos, we are focusing on effective practices for countering disinformation, polarization, and extremism online. We're calling on people across sectors and disciplines to break from their siloes and connect, collaborate, and counter the forces defining our information environment and international society. #TexasAI

Why #Connexions24?

  • Engage with a diverse audience of professionals, academics, and students

  • Learn from disinformation and cyber warfare researchers in the US, Europe, and Asia

  • Deep dive into surveillance practices, data mining, and intelligence gathering

  • Share your experiences in tackling information challenges

  • Contribute to shaping solutions and strategies for a resilient global information landscape



#CFP: We welcome white papers/policy briefs for potential inclusion in the conference publication. Please submit your papers as a pdf or doc/docx file to this Box folder. Name your file clearly as LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_TITLE. Please Include your full name and contact information and affiliation on your title page. 

Multiple submissions are acceptable as long as each paper falls within the 10-page restriction. See guidelines below. Please note ONLY solutions-oriented or case-study submissions in the relevant categories will be considered.


The DEADLINE for all applicants is 23:59 PM EST Friday, February 23, 2024.

You will be notified within two weeks, regardless of when you complete the form, if your submission is accepted for inclusion. Thank you!

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Categories for policy discussions include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) Information Warfare (IW) and Information Operations (IO) Strategies in the Modern Age

2) Cybersecurity Policy and Governance

3) Political Polarization and Extremism

4) Digital Sovereignty and Data Governance

5) Regulating Emerging Technologies

6) Countering Hybrid Threats

7) Media/Cyber/Tech Literacy and (Higher) Education Policy

8) Rebuilding Public Trust in Institutions

9) Legislative Responses to Extremist Online Content/Activity

10) Human Rights in the Digital Age

Some example topics include:

  • Cybersecurity implications of information warfare and strategies for resilience

  • National cybersecurity policies and their effectiveness in the face of evolving threats

  • International collaborations in cybersecurity and the challenges of coordinating responses

  • Privacy concerns in the digital age and the role of policy in protecting individuals

  • Countering extremism through education

  • Strategies for achieving digital sovereignty without sacrificing freedom

  • Policy frameworks for regulating data collection, storage, and utilization

  • Governance challenges posed by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep fakes, and blockchain

  • Cyber literacy in educational curricula as a method for combatting mis/disinformation

  • The role of transparency and accountability in restoring confidence in established institutions

  • International perspectives on legislating against extremist content

  • Protecting human rights in the context of technological advancements and digital surveillance

All papers should be written in English AND be unpublished at the time of submission. Only papers received by the deadline of February 23, 2024 will beconsidered.


(Note that all accepted unpublished papers are eligible to appear on in a digital journal with permission of the author(s). Unpublished and original papers will be eligible for inclusion in a printed version.)

The #Connexions24 Faculty Review Committee looks forward to reviewing white papers focusing on case studies and solutions for dealing with the harmful effects of disinformation, the improper use of emerging technologies by state and non-state actors, and mitigating polarization and extremism online. White papers should be free of any proprietary information, be no more than ten (10) pages in length inclusive of title page and figures, and present a clear argument based on case study or studies, analytical research, effectiveness of new tools, or combination. The policy brief may be pertain to any sector or subject area that is demonstrably impacted by technology and information disorder on a broad enough scale for lessons to be applicable in other fields (i.e., health, climate science, business, journalism, education). 


UT Box will be used to gather submissions. All files should be uploaded using the window below. Please label your files in the following format "LAST NAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLE" and only provide .doc, .docx, or .pdf files. The title page of your document must contain full contact information and affiliation.


​If experiencing difficulties, the file may also be emailed to with the subject line "Submission for Connexions24."

We look forward to reviewing your work.

Submit here:

If you missed the 2023 conference, check out the site below:

2024 Advisory Board

Communications Team

Lauren Hormiga headshot
Policy Communications Specialist

Lauren Hormiga is a graduate student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin, where she has specialized in policy communications and expanded her knowledge in policy analysis and public administration. She holds a degree in advertising and mass communications, and has been dedicated to working with  a number of diverse organizations ranging from nonprofits to small businesses to increase their digital and communication outreach presence. She hopes to integrate digital media strategies and effective communication tactics into different policy initiatives. 

Ajae Alvarez headshot
Public Relations + Media Specialist

Ajae Alvarez-Tyler is a Public Affairs Masters candidate at UT Austin where she specializes in corporate communications and governmental affairs. She is a current government relations student associate with the University of Texas Systems with prior experience interning in legislative offices, lobbying firms, and consulting firms. Understanding the importance and need for large corporations to efficiently communicate with stakeholders, Ajae hopes to work within the private sector taking on global communications, public affairs, and/or government affairs roles. 

headshot (1)_edited.jpg
Social Media Marketing

Gloria is a senior at UT, pursuing both a BBA in Management Information Systems and a BA in Plan II Honors with a minor in History. Her honors thesis analyzes the environmental and climate impacts of the current Russo-Ukrainian war and evaluates international discourse on ecocide and accountability in foreign policy. Outside of environmental justice, her interests involve education equity through Teach for America and refugee/immigrant female empowerment at Ladies Let’s Talk. In her free time, she enjoys learning Ukrainian, exploring AAPI literature/film, and playing NYT games.

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Thanks for submitting!

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