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Developing Global Leadership for the Networked Information Age


Connexions is a Texas-based education and networking hub devoted to building expert, multisector, global leadership in the information space. In an era defined by rapid information evolution, our mission is to develop leaders and foster a dynamic global community that explores critical issues, innovates unique solutions, and challenges current narratives shaping our hyper-connected, tech-driven world.

Our yearly conference is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of information disorder, emerging technologies, and the socio-economic and socio-political challenges that media and technology create. We invite thought leaders, scholars, and professionals from diverse fields to engage in a multifaceted exploration of how these phenomena affect social dynamics, governance, political movements, regional conflicts, and everyday life.

Our Vision

Our vision

For the network age, we need networked leaders. At Connexions, we aim to both nurture up-and-coming leaders and bring together researchers, educators, and experts globally who are already effectively leading and innovating in the information space. Through collaborative discourse, cultural education, technical skills development, innovative and interdisciplinary exchange, Connexions endeavors to empower individuals, communities, and organizations to develop expertise, growth mindset, and strategic vision for our volatile and highly complex international environment.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Connexions serves as a collaboration network, bringing together diverse minds to address global challenges from multiple perspectives.

Global Mindset
  • We strive to encourage critical thinking and develop globally minded leaders, recognizing the interconnectedness of our world and preparing individuals to navigate the complexities of a networked society.

Innovative Solutions
  • We embrace the opportunities and challenges the information revolution presents and seek to harness the technologies and products of the digital age for the purpose of improving the health and security of our information environment.

Leadership Development
  • Through conferences, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, Connexions is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of world leaders equipped to address the inescapable chaos of the network age.

Our programs

#Connexions Experts: From Grozny to Mariupol
Martin Klus - Slovakia episode on SlavX
#Connexions Experts: Anton Shingarev
SlavX hosts interviewing Robert Freedman
Public Programming

We've developed a variety of programming designed to increase public scholarship and make foreign policy accessible to a broader audience. Our Experts speaker series, launched in Fall 2023, is one example of our aim to offer substantive programming by experts in their field and region. We are always adding more, so check back for announcements throughout the year!

Demistifying Cyber: Building Resliency in the Modern Tech Landscape
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For educators and students, we offer workshops on a range of topics from digital literacy to design thinking to social media marketing to tools for tracking disinformation.

State Department exchange fellows at UT Austin
State Dept exchange fellows at KLRU studios
State Dept exchange fellows at KLRU studios
Vision-building opportunities

We are driven by the conviction that cross-cultural experiences and connections positively impact leadership development. In any programs that we create or contribute to, we do our best to provide inspiring experiences that encourage creative thinking and both personal and professional growth.

From Texas to the World

We partner locally, regionally, and internationally to create dynamic growth and learning opportunities for students and scholars in the U.S. and globally. (Fun fact: we were using Zoom for virtual exchange before Zoom became globally popular.)

Participants at the American Center in Moscow/US Embassy taking part in a virtual exchange with UT Austin students for the Diplomacy at Texas series
Graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin in the studio talking with the American Center in Moscow for the Diplomacy at Texas series
Students in the American Center in Moscow participating in a a virtual exchange with students at The University of Texas at Austin


Our partners

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